Weekly Progress Report #79

I did a little under 6 hours of chess this week.  A third of that was using online 5-minute games as quick breaks while writing my fourth-year project report.  I tend to have a quick check of the opening of these games afterwards, which hopefully gives them some training value.  The other two thirds was spent having a look at John Nunn’s ‘Secrets of Practical Chess’ and a ChessBase opening DVD on the train back up to Durham.

I’ve now entered the Czech Open – a FIDE-rated event in late July which I will be playing instead of the British Championship Major Open this year.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Progress Report #79

    1. I don’t think the ChessBase ones can (but I could be wrong), but I think some made by other companies (e.g. GingerGM – Simon Williams) can. Thanks.

  1. Actually I think the Chessbase DVDs can be played with a regular DVD – player. It has atleast worked for me. However, the Chessbase interface is not the same and the pieces look rather unattractive and different. Therefore playing the Chessbase DVDs on a computer is preferable.

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