Road to Grandmaster is a blog detailing the efforts of Will Taylor, a 24-year old British amateur chess player, to become a chess Grandmaster.  He has progressed from a weak ‘Class A’ player at the start of the project (about 1850 strength) to an ‘Expert’ with a FIDE rating of 2007.  £200 has been bet with William Hill at 25:1 on him achieving this goal, which would result in a £5000 payout if he is successful. The site’s first post and ‘mission statement’ can be read here.

Many thanks to Robin Carpenter (Aunty Hair) for providing the wonderful banner image.

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  1. I believe your assumptions about talent to be correct. Whilst there arnt many GM’s there are far too many for the level to be due to some brain abnormality. I am the same level as you (with similar hopes) i would recommend the books the skilful mind by angus gellatly and the success principles by jack cranfield. Your experiment is similar to one a young father had for his daughters based on the same belief……..I never did find out how Lazlo Polgar got on with that.

  2. Greetings fellow chess enthusiast! First and foremost I am looking for a training partner to work together in becoming a GM. Secondly, I was wondering how I can post variations within my games using ChessFlash. Everytime I try I seem to get an error message. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!

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