Yusupov Challenge: Book 1 Final Test & Summary

I have completed the final test in book 1.  As with the other chapters, I didn’t find it overly difficult, though I did make several silly mistakes.  I attribute these mostly to lapses in concentration and impatience, which is something I definitely need to guard against in my games.

Time spent: 1 hour 55 minutes (1 hour 35 solving, 10 marking/reviewing)

Score: 40/47

My average times and scores for the whole book (excluding the final test) are below.  If you have also completed the book, let me know your averages and rating and I can compile a dataset which should give chess players of all levels starting the book in the future an idea of what to expect.

Average time per chapter: 1 hour 17 minutes

Average chapter score: 89%

All in all, the book was a bit easier than what would perhaps be optimal training material for my level (currently 2048 FIDE), but it did serve as a useful refresher and I intend to be thorough and work my way through the whole series.

I have started on book 2 (Boost Your Chess 1), but will save an update on that for another post.

13 thoughts on “Yusupov Challenge: Book 1 Final Test & Summary

  1. I’m still on 21 of book 2, slow going now. But my online ratings have increased significantly so hopefully I am consolidating and properly digesting the stuff from earlier bouts. I will have to get back on the horse for intensive study again soon. Maybe this week I can aim to finish book 2 and maintain a 1 book lead :))

    1. Glad to hear you seem to be getting results from them, and thanks for the data. Tim S beat my score in book 1, and you are still ahead in terms of books read – I can’t be having this, so expect a push from me in the coming weeks. 😉

  2. And info for your dataset, though this is with a couple of chapter resits….

    1 Mating Motifs 75 Good
    2 Mating Motifs 2 90 Excellent
    3 Basic Opening Principles 77 Good
    4 Simple Pawn Endings 68 Good
    5 Double Check 81 Good
    6 The Value of the Pieces 74 Good
    7 The Discovered Attack 87 Excellent
    8 Centralising the Pieces 44 Pass
    9 Mate in Two Moves 82 Good
    10 The Opposition 69 Pass
    11 The Pin 90 Excellent
    12 The Double Attack 88 Excellent
    13 Realising a Material Advantage 76 Good
    14 Open Files and Outposts 90 Excellent
    15 Combinations 73 Good
    16 Queen Against Pawn 69 Pass
    17 Stalemate Motifs 87 Excellent
    18 Forced Variations 61 Pass
    19 Combinations Involving Promotion 65 Pass
    20 Weak Points 52 Pass
    21 Pawn Combinations 75 Pass
    22 The Wrong Bishop 64 Pass
    23 Smothered Mate 79 Good
    24 Gambits 62 Pass

    Average 71
    Final Test 62.

  3. Book 2 is to my mind, significantly tougher.

    1 The Windmill 61 Pass
    2 Pawn Weaknesses 76 Good
    3 Back Rank Combinations 65 Pass
    4 Exploiting Weaknesses 53 Pass
    5 The 7th Rank 68 Good
    6 Fortresses 54 Pass
    7 The Pawn Wedge 63 Pass
    8 Opening Traps 75 Pass
    9 The Use of Traps 52 Pass
    10 Stalemate Combinations 85 Good
    11 The Semi Open File 60 Pass
    12 Mate with Bishop and Knight 54 Pass
    13 Combinations Involving Files 70 Pass
    14 Outposts 55 Pass
    15 Combinations Involving Diagonals 53 Pass
    16 Elementary Endgames 57 Pass
    17 Combinations with Knights 47 Fail
    18 The Principles Behind Mobilization 74 Good
    19 Perpetual Check 61 Pass
    20 Mate in Two Moves 67 Pass
    21 Combinations with The Major Pieces 53 Pass

    1. Just realised, as you have probably already worked out, my scores are in percentages to make it easier for me to compare my strengths and weaknesses.

  4. I got 85% overall for book 1. My rating is 2009 USCF now but it was around 1900 when I went through the book. I regressed to 78% in book 2 and I see I am not the only person to have found it tougher.

  5. Hi Will:

    Thanks for the blog.

    I have completed Book 1 over a period of years and over 3 attempts. I have averaged 82% and have a rating around 1900. Moving quicker now but still at a slow pace.

    So far in book 2 I am averaging 71% – after 15 chapters.

    Good luck.

  6. I finished Book 1 with an average of 76%, but got 82% on the final test. My rating is currently around 1730 ELO, but has risen from 1480 one year ago. I’m not sure if my rating has finished adjusting yet, but I usually break even with people in the high Class B/ low Class A range, so I’d guess it’s fairly accurate now.

  7. I’m going to get book 1 for my birthday in just over a week’s time, have been inspired by reading this blog and seeing how you’re all doing at it. Wish me luck 🙂

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