Monthly Archives: May 2011

Exam Period Progress Report (WPRs #29-34)

Lack-of-progress report might be a better title for this post, as I’ve done very little chess (~7 hours 10 minutes) over the university exam period.  The good news is that my exams are now over, and I have at least three months to dedicate largely to chess.  Here’s what I’ve done:

Monday 18th of April: 10 minutes playing on ChessCube, 70 minutes playing a 90 30 game

Tuesday 19th: 60 minutes lesson with Blitz-King

Wednesday 20th: 15 minutes playing on ChessCube

Thursday 21st: 10 minutes playing on ICC, 10 minutes playing on PlayChess

Friday 22nd: 20 minutes playing on ChessCube

Saturday 30th: 10 minutes playing and analysing on ICC

Wednesday 4th of May: 20 minutes preparing for the final round of the Durham City Club Championships, ~2 hours 30 minutes playing and analysing the game

Sunday 8th: 25 minutes playing on ICC (15 minutes with derfel)

Saturday 28th: 15 minutes playing on ChessCube

Sunday 29th: 25 minutes playing on ChessCube

This Friday and Saturday I intend to play in the 1st ICC Open.  Another post will follow soon about plans for the summer.