Weekly Progress Report #78

I did five and a half hours of chess this week, split roughly evenly between playing a league game and analysing a few recent games.  The league game was a disappointing draw, agreed after falling into bad time trouble (which I seem to be doing even more than usual at the moment, probably partly because I don’t have time to do any prep).

2 thoughts on “Weekly Progress Report #78

  1. Hey Will.

    I find that given the relatively quick time limits in local- league chess, its often better to play a reasonably good move quickly then spend a long time trying to find the best move or remember a long line of theory.

    1. You’re quite right of course, Ben. Playing a move without first trying to be pretty sure it’s the best move is something I struggle to do – I worry about missing wins, or overlooking threats – but I definitely need to try to play faster.

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