Happy New Year!

Time for another of my infrequent updates:

I have not been playing many FIDE-rated games, but my appearances in the French League and 4NCL have been reasonably successful so far, and I hope to cross 2100 by the end of the season. My French team, Cavalier de Neuilly, has secured promotion from Division IV to Division III with a round to spare, but my British team, West is Best, is currently struggling.

My study has been inconsistent of late, with my failure to establish regular habits partly due to shift work. I have now left my job, and will be moving to Paris in the next month or so to study programming at 42. I do not anticipate this giving me more free time overall, but it will give me a great deal of flexibility with my schedule, which I believe is important. Going forward, my approach to chess study is going to be based on habit formation, aiming to establish a consistent routine rather than the study binges and burnouts I have been guilty of in the past.

Wishing you all chess success, and a happy and prosperous Year of the Dog!

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Hope you had a wonderful St.Valentine’s Day Will. Hope everything works out awesomely on and off the chess board 🙂

  2. I have sent out 40+ invites to the Daily Chess World Championship. No fees or prizes as Ben Franklin and or Paul Morphy preferred it

  3. Impressive improvement in 8 years. If you keep at this rate you may achieve FM title by 50. Good luck. Seems like working 10+ hours / week on each aspect of chess is working. You may think you achieved little but my progress was 100 elo (peak to peak) in last 15 years. I probably spent more time on average but it was irregular and less efficient. (intense periods and long gaps) Also having hard time staying focussed most of time when training and my play time is much less (2 tournaments/year on average)

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