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Yusupov Challenge: Book 1 Final Test & Summary

I have completed the final test in book 1.  As with the other chapters, I didn’t find it overly difficult, though I did make several silly mistakes.  I attribute these mostly to lapses in concentration and impatience, which is something I definitely need to guard against in my games.

Time spent: 1 hour 55 minutes (1 hour 35 solving, 10 marking/reviewing)

Score: 40/47

My average times and scores for the whole book (excluding the final test) are below.  If you have also completed the book, let me know your averages and rating and I can compile a dataset which should give chess players of all levels starting the book in the future an idea of what to expect.

Average time per chapter: 1 hour 17 minutes

Average chapter score: 89%

All in all, the book was a bit easier than what would perhaps be optimal training material for my level (currently 2048 FIDE), but it did serve as a useful refresher and I intend to be thorough and work my way through the whole series.

I have started on book 2 (Boost Your Chess 1), but will save an update on that for another post.