Monthly Archives: April 2012

Weekly Progress Reports #80-81

I did about 6 and half hours’ chess in the first of these last two weeks, but very little this week (just half an hour playing online).  The time in the first week was split between a league game, a bit of opening work and some online blitz.  The league game saw a return to form, with a relatively smooth win against a 145.

Weekly Progress Report #79

I did a little under 6 hours of chess this week.  A third of that was using online 5-minute games as quick breaks while writing my fourth-year project report.  I tend to have a quick check of the opening of these games afterwards, which hopefully gives them some training value.  The other two thirds was spent having a look at John Nunn’s ‘Secrets of Practical Chess’ and a ChessBase opening DVD on the train back up to Durham.

I’ve now entered the Czech Open – a FIDE-rated event in late July which I will be playing instead of the British Championship Major Open this year.