Weekly Progress Reports #80-81

I did about 6 and half hours’ chess in the first of these last two weeks, but very little this week (just half an hour playing online).  The time in the first week was split between a league game, a bit of opening work and some online blitz.  The league game saw a return to form, with a relatively smooth win against a 145.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Progress Reports #80-81

  1. Ey Will,

    a suggestion / request!

    Consider using FIDE ratings as outside England I don’t think anyone knows what your ratings mean.


    ps. Ditch Dvoretsky and get Karsten Mueller & Lamprecht’s ending books;)

    1. Good idea. I will try to remember to do this, and feel free to remind me if I lapse back into using ECF only. I have Mueller & Lamprecht’s FCE, which I was intending to read after Dvoretsky. Ditching Dvoretsky is rather controversial!

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