Weekly Progress Report #41

As predicted in WPR 40, my girlfriend was a highly disruptive influence last week, so I only managed about 13 hours.  This week will be largely about getting a few repertoire tweaks in some sort of working order in time for the Major Open which starts next week.  Hic naufragii (yes, I know that’s wrong):

Monday: 30 minutes CT-Art 4.0, 30 minutes opening work

Tuesday: 2 hours 25 minutes (car journey) opening work

Wednesday: 1 hour lesson with GM Damian Lemos

Thursday: Nowt

Friday: 3 hours playing, analysing and discussing ways to train with an old friend from junior tournaments

Saturday/Sunday: A considerable amount of time reading about and thinking about the optimal way to train.  I’ll guess at 6 hours.

As can be seen above, I’m currently having a minor crisis about how to train, but I intend to set this aside, at least to an extent, until after my two upcoming tournaments (which can be seen on the calendar page).

6 thoughts on “Weekly Progress Report #41

  1. Hi, I’m currently re-reading Silman’s How to reassess your Chess. This is a good kick-start to do some focussed annotation of my own games. An ideal lead in to the Grivas type of analysis that you’ve mentioned before. I plan to continue this through the summer, when unfortunately my only chess will be our club championship and friendlies. I will also complete an old tactics book, Renaud and Kahn and the next section of Silman’s endgame course. While wanting to sharpen up, maybe with the Art of Attack (Vukovic), the question is how to prepare for each game ? Currently, maybe two or three days before I research who I might play (if known), check any previous games I can find and brush up on any theory I think may be relevant. On the day I just try to get into the right mood pre-game. I try to relax, maybe listen to a meditation / self-hypnosis CD just to try and clear my mind. Do you do any pre-game tactical exercises ? I’m thinking maybe some positions from the Polgar book. Would these be better than position assessments from say The Amateur’s Mind. I may try out doing a couple from each, then the relaxation. Anyway, I’m enjoying tracking your progress. Keep up the good work !

    1. Hi, thanks for the comment and good luck for your own study. Are you reading the 4th edition? I hear it’s very different from previous editions. I’m planning to do lots of that Grivas analysis after my next two tournaments. I haven’t tried doing pre-game tactical exercises myself, but might give it a go. I haven’t read The Amateur’s Mind.

      1. Hi Will,
        I’m reading the 3rd edition of Reassess Your Chess. I didn’t realise there was a large amount that had changed for the 4th. Anyway, it’s a great book and really encourages me to reinforce a disciplined system in my thinking. With improvement this should become second nature but going through the imbalances, ideal position, is it possible, opponent’s plan and candidates move process helps. I find it even helps in the more dynamic, highly tactical positions, giving some signposts through masses of analysis and possibilities. All the best.

        1. The main change as I see it is that he no longer recommends a formal approach to planning, as he’s decided it’s not necessary (good moves or a ‘plan’ should come naturally from an observation of the imbalances). He also uses all new examples, but I imagine the main thrust of the book is the same (I’ve only read a little of both).

  2. Hi, may I ask you how do you work with ct-art 4 to gain as much as possible? I bought ct-art few weeks ago and it’s great tool to train tactics. I tried to do at least 1,5h a day and finish one section a day (e.g. 3.Decoy,…), but I’m not sure if it is the best way. What’s your way to get most from ct-art? Thanks and good luck on your road.

    1. Hi. I use it to warm up before a study session (on an opening, or endgames or whatever). Your idea of trying to do a section every day is a very interesting one – I guess that’s a good way of really hammering a particular theme into your head, and I might try it.

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