Weekly Progress Report #40

I’ve had a good week, managing 40 hours and 20 minutes of study.  This has been split between tactics problems (CT-Art 4.0), opening study (various top-secret sources), middlegame study (How To Reassess Your Chess, 4th edition), endgame study (Dvoretsky’s Endgame Manual) and a few online 15-minute games.  I’ve also restarted lessons after a break with GM Damian Lemos.  Hier ist die Aufteilung:

Monday: 60 minutes solving CT-Art 4.0 tactics problems, 3 hours 5 minutes reading Silman’s ‘How To Reassess Your Chess’, 30 minutes opening work, 30 minutes playing an ICC 15-minute game and 40 minutes analysing it

Tuesday: 35 minutes CT-Art, 1 hour 20 minutes studying Dvoretsky’s Endgame Manual, 1 hour 40 minutes Reassessing My Chess, 70 minutes lesson with GM Damian Lemos, 40 minutes reviewing lesson material, 50 minutes opening work, 50 minutes playing & analysing an ICC 15-minute game

Wednesday: 60 minutes CT-Art, 1 hour 25 minutes Silman, 1 hour 40 minutes opening work, 10 minutes PlayChess tactics training

Thursday: 65 minutes CT-Art, 1 hour 30 minutes Dvoretsky, 2 hours 10 minutes opening work, 20 minutes playing an ICC 15-minute game, 15 minutes playing a couple of training games with chessdi

Friday: 30 minutes CT-Art, 50 minutes Dvoretsky, 1 hour 45 minutes listening to Chess Talk with Levon Aronian (not wholly instructional, but did include a nice annotated game), 55 minutes playing & analysing an ICC 15-minute game, ~40 minutes opening work

Saturday: 50 minutes CT-Art, 1 hour 40 minutes Silman, 1 hour 30 minutes opening work, 1 hour 5 minutes playing an ICC 15-minute game and reviewing the opening

Sunday: 1 hour 30 minutes CT-Art, 2 hours 30 minutes Dvoretsky, 2 hours Silman, 2 hours 20 minutes opening work, 40 minutes playing and analysing a few ICC and PlayChess games

I won’t be able to manage 40 hours this week, as my girlfriend’s visiting.  See you next week.

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