Weekly Progress Report #11

Apologies for the delayed weekly progress report; I’ve been in London playing the London Junior Chess Championships and haven’t had internet access. I managed 7 hours 55 minutes last week, which is alright given that we had family staying for a few days around Christmas. Here’s the breakdown:

Monday 20th: 30 minutes ICC TrainingBot problems, 50 minutes playing 3 0 blitz games with GM derfel, 10 minutes playing a 2 5 blitz games with GM Blitz-King in ICC’s PlayTheMaster

Tuesday 21st: 15 minutes PlayChess tactics training, 1 hour 15 minutes opening preparation

Wednesday 22nd: Quite a while inputting positions from Livshitz’ ‘Test Your Chess IQ 2’ to ChessBase (not counted), 15 minutes ChessTempo problems, 1 hour 15 minutes doing Livshitz test 1 + 15 minutes checking answers

Thursday 23rd: 10 minutes ICC TrainingBot, 15 minutes playing 3x 5 0 games, ages preparing ‘Kirsan Baby’

Friday 24th: 2 hours 15 minutes playing a Team 45 45 league game + brief analysis, 20 minutes opening preparation

Saturday 25th: 10 minutes PlayChess tactics training + 10 minutes reviewing mistakes, 1 hour playing chess with my Great Uncle Maurice (not counted), 40 minutes opening preparation

Sunday 26th: 10 minutes ChessTempo problems

There was some focus on opening preparation as I thought it would be more immediately useful for the London Junior Chess Championships.  This week I seem likely to reach my 30 hour weekly target.

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