Weekly Progress Report #12

I reached the target this week, doing 30 hours.  Most of this was time spent playing and analysing at the London Junior Chess Championships, where I played in the Under 21 section (merged with the Christmas Open due to lack of entrants).  Here’s the breakdown:

Monday 27th: 20 minutes opening preparation

Tuesday 28th: 6 hours 30 minutes playing 2 LJCC games, 35 minutes doing opponent specific opening preparation beforehand (which largely missed the mark throughout the tournament), 60 minutes analysing the games afterwards with my opponent, an engine and a database

Wednesday 29th: 5 hours 20 minutes playing 2 LJCC games, 20 minutes preparation for the games, 20 minutes analysis of the 1st game, 15 minutes general opening preparation

Thursday 30th: 7 hours 40 minutes playing 2 LJCC games, 20 minutes preparation for the games, 30 minutes analysis of the games

Friday 31st: 55 minutes analysing LJCC games

Saturday 1st: 35 minutes opening preparation, 2 hours 10 minutes endgame work (Dvoretsky’s book), 40 minutes playing blitz on PlayChess

Sunday 2nd: 20 minutes ICC TrainingBot, 20 minutes Chess Tempo problems, 15 minutes PlayChess tactics training + 5 minutes reviewing mistakes, 30 minutes playing a 15-minute pool game on ICC, 30 minutes analysing LJCC games

The training plan at the beginning and end of the week was slightly disrupted by travelling and visiting family, but it was still a good week.  I will probably be returning to uni a little early, and I have, among other things, a physics essay to write, so 30 hours may be too ambitious for the last two weeks of the holiday; we’ll see.

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