Major Open: express report

I’ll do a proper report with some analysis of my games when I have time, but for now this is just a quick update on how I did in the end.  The second week didn’t go as smoothly as the first, and I ended up with a +1 score of 6/11.  This isn’t as good as I’d hoped for at the end of the first week, but is still a decent result when you consider that I was one of the lower seeds.  My final rating performance was encouraging: 2124 FIDE and 186 ECF.  A more detailed report, as well as the weekly progress reports which I’m getting behind with, will have to wait until after my next tournament, which starts on Wednesday and finishes on Sunday.

10 thoughts on “Major Open: express report

  1. Hey, hey, hey. 2124 FIDE performance rating—not too shabby. It sounds like you’re getting on with your chess. I look forward to how you won and how you lost.

  2. Great effort at the Brits… wasn’t too sure whether you would be pleased with the points scored after the 2 weeks. Btw I have got your email address because my (old) PC has conked out.

    Would be interesting, if you now not play any more rated chess games till the next ratings list is published, wonder if you will have this ‘new’ higher rating as your next grade?

    1. Thanks. For ECF grades I think you need at least 30 games – if you haven’t played 30 in the current season they’ll take ones from the season before as needed to make up the number. I haven’t looked up the regulations recently though, so could be wrong. Still, after Sunningdale next week I’ll already have 20, so hopefully I can keep up the level there.

  3. I started following your site since not long – but I really like it! And congrats for the very good performance – this is already FM level is not it ? 😉
    I am trying to improve my chess with not more than 1-2 hours free available per day.
    Presume you study and still do not work, have family ? Btw the point in time will come – where you will have to choose – chess or smth else – what are your plans ?
    Thank you and keep it up like that – use the momentum and good luck!

    1. Hi, thanks for the encouraging words and good luck for your chess improvement. No, not FM level unfortunately – that’s 2300. Yes, I still have another year at uni. After that I am thinking of taking a chess gap year, before thinking about work etc.

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