Weekly Progress Reports #36 & 37

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been on holiday to Turkey and have been otherwise fairly busy with end-of-term stuff, so I’ve only managed about 6 hours over the last fortnight.  I’ve also been following the tournament in Bazna, but haven’t included time going over those games in my report.  Here’s the breakdown:

1st week

Monday: 15 minutes CT-Art

Tuesday: 30 minutes analysing games with derfel

Wednesday: 15 minutes CT-Art, ~2 hours at Durham City Club watching FM David Eggleston go over one of his games and playing 15-minute games with a strong player

Thursday: ~1 hour reading ‘My Great Predecessors’

2nd week

Thursday: ~an hour and a half reading ‘My Great Predecessors’ (on the flight home)

Friday: 10 minutes PlayChess tactics training

Saturday: 10 minutes PlayChess tactics training and 10 minutes reviewing mistakes

I don’t expect to get a great deal done this week, but after that I will be home and starting my 40 hour weekly target.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Progress Reports #36 & 37

  1. I was curious to know if you had a FIDE rating and what kind of progress it has shown. I have always read and I also believe that your chess knowledge keeps growing but the rating always plays catch up. In that respect it will be good to know what you think your true rating is and what it is currently?

    Thanks and Good luck

    1. Hi Harish,

      My current ECF rating is 152 which equates to ~1866 FIDE (using ECF*8 + 650 = FIDE). My rating next year should be about 163, or 1954 FIDE. I believe I’m currently worth about 170, or 2010 FIDE. I don’t yet have an official FIDE rating, but based on the 8 FIDE-rated games I have played so far it would be 2016.


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