Weekly Progress Report #35

I did about 15 hours 40 minutes this week:

Tuesday (31st): 10 minutes ICC TrainingBot, ~45 minutes playing 3-minute games with derfel(GM), ~1 hour 40 minutes analysing past games with derfel, 30 minutes playing and analysing a 15-minute game

Friday: ~40 minutes preparation for a game with a friend, ~4 hours playing and analysing with said friend, ~4 hours playing ICC Open qualifiers, ~30 minutes analysing ICC Open games

Saturday: ~3 and a half hours playing ICC Open qualifiers (best result was 6.5/11, which may or may not be enough for a rating prize, and I beat a GM but also lost some games to lower-rated players)

From tomorrow until the following Thursday I’m going to Turkey for a week with friends, so this will probably be the last report until I get back.  Following comments on my last post I’m now seriously considering spending the summer playing European rather than British tournaments.

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