Weekly Progress Report #27

This post (well, the last one really) marks 6 months of recorded study (though the website’s been going a little longer).  I’ve added a couple of new graphs to the rating graphs section to show my progress over this period.  I managed the 12 hour target again this week, doing 15 hours and 30 minutes, a third of which was spent playing a fairly disastrous rapidplay tournament at Teignmouth (2/6 in the Open section).  Here’s the breakdown:

Monday: 1 hour 20 minutes playing games in and analysinga specific opening line on ICC

Tuesday: 1 hour lesson with GM Damian Lemos

Wednesday: 1 hour 55 minutes opening work, 55 minutes playing and analysing on ICC

Thursday: ~20 minutes playing on ChessCube, ~20 minutes reviewing the games of the recent Kasimdzhanov-Anand match

Friday: 50 minutes opening preparation, 30 minutes playing on PlayChess and ChessCube

Saturday: ~4 hours 30 minutes playing half hour games at Teignmouth, 30 minutes reconstructing games from the event

Sunday: 5 minutes analysing a game from the day before, 10 minutes playing a game on PlayChess, ~3 hours 15 minutes playing a 90 30 game

From this week until the end of May there will be no weekly target, in a further effort to encourage revision.  However, I’ll definitely be doing some chess, so you can still expect weekly reports.

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    1. Good question – unfortunately I didn’t record the names of my opponents so I don’t remember them all. I lost to Trefor Thynne, Arturo Wong and two others. I beat Jon Duckham and one other. All the games were pretty poor.

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