Weekly Progress Report #26

I exceeded the 12 hour target, doing 14 hours 55 minutes, but some of that time was spent on an unsuccessful attempt to qualify for the Commonwealth Championships.  In the final qualifier on Sunday I gave up in 14th place with 10 minutes to go because 1st place was out of my reach.  Here’s the breakdown:

Monday: 60 minutes qualifying for the ChessCube Commonwealth qualifier final, 60 minutes playing the day’s 1st 90 30 game, 15 minutes preparing for and 3 hours 20 minutes playing the day’s 2nd 90 30 game

Tuesday: 60 minutes lesson with GM Damian Lemos

Wednesday: 15 minutes PlayChess tactics training, 2 hours 50 minutes playing a Somerset league game and 25 minutes reviewing it, 25 minutes opening work (related to the game)

Thursday: ~2 hours 30 minutes playing friendly games at Sedgemoor chess club

Friday: 15 minutes practice for the Commonwealth qualifier final

Saturday: 20 minutes playing a 15-minute game with imabeast(IM)

Sunday: 50 minutes playing the ChessCube Commonwealth qualifier final

This Saturday I’ll be playing in a rapidplay tournament at Teignmouth on Saturday.  The target remains at 12 hours.

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