Weekly Progress Report #9

I smashed the 10 hour weekly target this week, doing at least 16 hours 45 minutes.  Most of this was spent playing and analysing at the London Classic, which went very well and about which a report will follow within the next few days.  Here’s the breakdown:

Monday 6th: 15 minutes Chess Tempo problems

Tuesday 7th: 10 minutes ICC TrainingBot problems

Wednesday 8th: 10 minutes watching Maurice Ashley’s ‘The Secret to Chess’, 3 hours playing a local league game + post-mortem analysis

Thursday 9th: 10 minutes PlayChess tactics training

Friday 10th: 30 minutes reading Dembo’s Fighting the Anti-King’s Indians

Saturday 11th: 9 hours playing 3 games at the London Classic, including post-mortem analysis with my opponents and some with FM David Eggleston

Sunday 12th: 6 hours 2 games at the Classic with post-mortem analysis, 30 minutes watching Shirov’s King’s Indian DVD

I expect to be able to make the 10 hour target easily enough this coming week, and then next week I will be on a more intensive holiday training schedule, the details of which I will post soon.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Progress Report #9

  1. If you play at The Classic next year, walk up to Carlsen with a picture of David Howell. Say “Would you mind…”. Spend a few seconds looking at the picture, back up at Carlsen, back at the picture, say “Oh…” and walk off.

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