Weekly Progress Report #8

I spent 10 hours 55 minutes on chess this week, but again must subtract some ‘chess relaxation time’ (playing ChessCube’s golden ticket tournaments), making 8 hours 45 minutes of study. This is again short of the 10 hour target, but on average I am still meeting it, managing a little under 11 hours per week. Here’s the breakdown:

Monday 29th: 2 and a half hours playing a Team 45 45 League game, 30 minutes playing a Chess Cube golden ticket tournament

Tuesday 30th: 10 minutes PlayChess tactics training

Wednesday 1st: 2 hours group lesson with FM David Eggleston

Thursday 2nd: 10 minutes Chess Tempo problems, 30 minutes golden ticket tournament

Friday 3rd: 15 minutes PlayChess tactics training + 5 minutes reviewing mistakes, 20 minutes opening preparation (the nature of which will remain secret for now), 20 minutes golden ticket tournament

Saturday 4th: 45 minutes opening preparation + 10 minutes opening prep for a Team 45 45 game, 20 minutes golden ticket tournament

Sunday 5th: 1 hour 15 minutes Team 45 45 League game + brief discussion, 20 minutes ICC TrainingBot problems, 15 minutes Chess Tempo problems, 1 hour Chess Cube golden ticket final (place 28 out of 353)

I am fairly confident of exceeding the 10 hour target this week, as I’ll be playing in the London Classic at the weekend, although my study during the week is likely to suffer because of uni deadlines (dissertation due in on Wednesday).

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