Weekly Progress Report #4

I managed to keep to my target, doing about 12 hours 10 minutes.  However, the time was again somewhat unstructured, with most of it being spent on three long games – a local league game and two games in the 4 Nations Chess League (4NCL) Northern League.  I was blown off the board in the local league game, but the 4NCL weekend was a success as I won both of my first FIDE-rated games.  Here’s the breakdown:

Monday 1st: 30 minutes Chess Tempo problems

Tuesday 2nd: 25 minutes playing a 2 20 game (odd time control, I know)

Wednesday 3rd: 20 minutes Chess Eye visualisation training (I was without internet), 100 minutes playing a league game + quick discussion

Thursday 4th: 10 minutes Chess Tempo

Friday 5th: 10 minutes Chess Tempo

Saturday 6th: 45 minutes opening preparation for first 4NCL game, 4 hours playing 4NCL game

Sunday 7th: 1 hour opening preparation for second 4NCL game, 3 hours playing 4NCL game + 20 minutes reviewing

This week I’ll be a bit pressed for time, as I have a few bits of uni work ongoing, so all I’m going to aim for is to keep up some daily tactics and have a look over last week’s games when I have the chance.  I should be able to put in a decent amount of time over the weekend to make it up to the 10 hour mark.  A report on the 4NCL weekend, which was most enjoyable, will follow shortly, and a post about my first three local league games of the season can also be expected at some point this week.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Progress Report #4

  1. Congrats on the 4NCL wins. I hope many wins will follow, and not only in the 4NCL.

    Question, you have done some visualisation training with Chess Eye now, how do you like that program. Do you feel it helps/works like you expected?

    1. Thanks.

      I quite like Chess Eye – it runs smoothly and has a good range of exercises. However, I really have no idea if the visualisation training is helping me to improve or if it’s just a waste of time – perhaps I will have more idea after I’ve done it for longer.

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