King’s Indian project: game 3

Here’s guess-the-move game 3 of my King’s Indian project.  My impression is that I did a little better than last time, though I’ve not analysed it yet.  I got rather short of ideas at the end, but that was because the black position had no ideas left!  So far black is on 0/3…

3 thoughts on “King’s Indian project: game 3

  1. That’s tough burning your brain on 3 black losses in a row, but surely there will be brilliant black victories ahead, so keep it up ^^ you seemed to predict the game really well and have good analysis!

  2. i dont understand the move g4 instead Nf6 shd b playd followed by g4 and instead of Kh8 ithink Rf7 is better

    pls let me know if i am wrong

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