Catch-up Report: WPRs #84-89

Hi all.  Apologies for the long break from blogging.  My degree is finally complete, so I can return to chess in earnest.  I’ll be posting about my plans in the near future, but for now this is just a quick post to fill you in on the small amount of chess I did over the exam period.

Week 84

Nearly six hours, split between online blitz, and preparation for and playing the final round of the Club Championships.  The Club Champs game was important as had I won I’d have tied for first place; as it was I blundered at the end of a hard-fought game and my opponent secured the game and the title.

Week 85

45 minutes or so of online blitz (revision breaks).

Weeks 86-87

No record.

Week 88

About three hours of opening work.

Week 89

Three and a quarter hours – mostly opening work but also a little blitz.

I’m aware that I’ve neglected to reply to a lot of comments recently – I’ll be working my way through those soon.

4 thoughts on “Catch-up Report: WPRs #84-89

  1. Congrats with completing your degree. Well done! And I think it’s good that you gave your chess a bit of a break (relatively) the last few weeks. The knowledge you acquired over the past year has had some time to get ripe in your brain. I’m sure your playing strength will now shoot up like a rocket and your rating will follow somewhat later.

    1. M.Sci. in Chemistry and Physics. I did mostly (physical) chemistry this last year, and 50/50 for the first three years.

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