Weekly Progress Report #70

I did a little over 5 and a half hours of chess this week. Some of that time was spent on opening preparation for a local league game, but in a repeat of two weeks ago I wasn’t paired against the person I was expecting. Instead I played a significantly lower-rated opponent, and won without too much difficulty. I also solved some problems from a little problem book I received for Christmas.

The Durham City Club Championship is hotting up, and on Wednesday I’ll play co-leader on 2.5/3 Ken Neat (ECF 196).  Last year I managed to play quite a good game and beat Ken, but he still went on to take the title and I expect this game to be very tough.  Later in the month I’ll be playing for Durham University in the British Universities’ Chess Assocation Championships.

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    1. Hi,

      No, but I’ve decided to focus mostly on uni work until the end of my degree. My 4th year project isn’t going particularly well, so I’m spending a lot of time in the lab at the moment. After my exams have finished it’s very likely that I’ll spend from a few months to a year just on chess, but I haven’t decided for sure / any details yet.


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