Weekly Progress Report #58

I’ve played three competitive games this week (a little over 12 hours including some preparation and analysis) – a Durham league game and the first two rounds of the Northern 4NCL.  I won the first two, and had a very comfortable position in the third when I went a little crazy, eventually managing to lose it.  Here they are, with light annotations for now:


2 thoughts on “Weekly Progress Report #58

  1. Surely in the game against Robson you should just be technical and play 16 … Rad8 to maintain pressure against the isolated d pawn. If you feel the need to defend the c7 pawn, you can play R(d8)-d7. I would regard the position as a comfortable edge for Black, even better that lengthy thought shouldn’t be needed.

    1. Yep, Rd8-d7 looks sensible. I guess I started looking at moves other than Rc8 or Rd8 because I got a bit frustrated that I couldn’t calculate a clean win of the pawn.

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