Exam Period Progress Report (WPRs #29-34)

Lack-of-progress report might be a better title for this post, as I’ve done very little chess (~7 hours 10 minutes) over the university exam period.  The good news is that my exams are now over, and I have at least three months to dedicate largely to chess.  Here’s what I’ve done:

Monday 18th of April: 10 minutes playing on ChessCube, 70 minutes playing a 90 30 game

Tuesday 19th: 60 minutes lesson with Blitz-King

Wednesday 20th: 15 minutes playing on ChessCube

Thursday 21st: 10 minutes playing on ICC, 10 minutes playing on PlayChess

Friday 22nd: 20 minutes playing on ChessCube

Saturday 30th: 10 minutes playing and analysing on ICC

Wednesday 4th of May: 20 minutes preparing for the final round of the Durham City Club Championships, ~2 hours 30 minutes playing and analysing the game

Sunday 8th: 25 minutes playing on ICC (15 minutes with derfel)

Saturday 28th: 15 minutes playing on ChessCube

Sunday 29th: 25 minutes playing on ChessCube

This Friday and Saturday I intend to play in the 1st ICC Open.  Another post will follow soon about plans for the summer.

4 thoughts on “Exam Period Progress Report (WPRs #29-34)

  1. I hope you don’t find this rude, but can I ask why you play so much online chess? Surely, an hour spent studying, say, a Capablanca endgame, or solving tactics/analysing positions, or learning about the strategical aims of an opening etc., would be time better spent than an hour’s online blitz?

    1. Over exam period the point was that studying an endgame isn’t much of a break from studying physics/chemistry, whereas online blitz is pretty good stress-relief. However, I’m sure I play relatively too much online chess at other times too, so over the summer I’ll try to decrease the proportion.

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