Weekly Progress Report #23

I just managed the 12 hour target this week, with 12 hours 20 minutes.  I’ve restarted lessons with GM Damian Lemos after a break, and I’ve (probably) dropped to second place in the Durham City Chess Club championships after drawing my game on Wednesday.  I’ll write a report about the club championship once it’s over, as it’s been interesting.  Here’s the breakdown:

Monday: 1 hour lesson with GM Lemos and 10 minutes reviewing the material, 2 hours 20 minutes playing a Team 45 45 league game

Tuesday: Nothing recorded

Wednesday: ~3 hours playing a club championship game

Thursday: ~1 hour analysing the club champs game

Friday: 2 hours lesson with FM David Eggleston, 25 minutes playing on ChessCube

Saturday: 2 hours playing and 5 minutes analysing a Team 45 45 league game

Sunday: 20 minutes playing on PlayChess

Term has now finished, but I will be keeping the weekly target at 12 hours for the holidays in an effort to encourage myself to revise.  I may even have to set myself an upper weekly limit if it doesn’t happen. 😉

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