Weekly Progress Report #6

I exceeded the 10 hour target by a large margin this week, doing about 16 hours 50 minutes.  Most of the time was spent playing games; in the British Rapidplay at the weekend and the local Durham league on Thursday.  Here’s the breakdown:

Monday 15th: 15 minutes ICC TrainingBot, 15 minutes Chess Tempo problems, 30 minutes playing 5 0 games online

Tuesday 16th: 15 minutes PlayChess tactics training + 5 minutes reviewing mistakes

Wednesday 17th: 20 minutes TrainingBot, 2 hours group lesson with FM David Eggleston (with two other students of similar strength to me)

Thursday 18th: 20 minutes Chess Tempo, 3 hours playing a local league game

Friday 19th: 15 minutes PlayChess tactics training + 5 minutes reviewing mistakes, ~30 minutes checking some lines in the King’s Indian Defense (Sämisch and Four Pawns Attack)

Saturday 20th: 30 minutes watching Maurice Ashley’s ‘The Secret To Chess’, 4 hours playing rapid (30 minutes each) games

Sunday 21st: 4 hours playing rapid games, 30 minutes looking at Fighting the Anti-King’s Indians by Yelena Dembo

I expect it to be difficult to make the ten hour target this week, as I have a few bits of uni work due in.  What chess training I manage is likely to be focused on reviewing my games from the past week.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Progress Report #6

  1. Don’t give too many hints about what you do, now it’s easy for your opponents to prepare against you 😉 “Ok he worked the KI Saemisch, very well, I’ll play the Bird opening instead of my usual 1d4” or “Ok he cannot stand physical stress too well, let’s exhaust him with a 60-move game”.

    1. You make a good point. One disadvantage of this site is that it makes it much easier for people to prepare against me, but it’s hard to get round that unless I completely stop posting games. My hope is that in the long term it won’t really make a difference, as once I play more FIDE-rated games they will be in databases anyway. I’m also trying to create a fully sound and high-level opening repertoire – not a collection of dubious traps and gambits – so I hope that some people knowing roughly what to expect before the game won’t be as much of an issue.

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