Weekly Progress Report #5

This week I fell short of my term-time target for the first time, and only managed 6 hours 20 minutes. However, this was expected as I had a fair amount of uni work to do, and I should exceed the target again this week (I’ll be preparing for the British Rapidplay during the week and playing it at the weekend). Here’s the breakdown:

Monday 8th: 20 minutes Chess Tempo tactics problems

Tuesday 9th: 10 minutes Chess Tempo

Wednesday 10th: 10 minutes Chess Tempo

Thursday 11th: 10 minutes Chess Tempo, 25 minutes playing 3x 5 0 games on PlayChess + brief analysis

Friday 12th: 20 minutes opening preparation for Team 45 45 game, 2 hours playing Team 45 45 game

Saturday 13th: 15 minutes PlayChess tactics training + 10 minutes reviewing mistakes, 20 minutes playing 2x 5 0 games

Sunday 14th: 20 minutes ICC TrainingBot, 40 minutes playing 5 0 games on ChessCube

The training continues to be a bit unstructured, and from this week I’ll be attempting to keep at least the tactics problems element constant by doing it at the same time each day.  I’m going to force myself out of bed in the morning by putting my alarm at the far side of the room, and do at least 20 minutes then, to be topped up later in the day when I have the chance.  I’ll also be changing my problem source each day, between ICC TrainingBot, PlayChess and Chess Tempo.  I expect most of the rest of my week’s training to focus on opening preparation for the weekend, though I also still have my 4NCL games to analyse properly.

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